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About Baliartfurniture
Indonesia wholesale furniture home decor manufacturer

Bali Art Furniture is a dynamic and creative furniture wholesale, supplier, sourcing and exporter.
Mainly, they aim to provide high-quality exotic furniture only for professional buyers.

Founded by two partners, Indonesian and French, Robin and Philippe Hernandez.
Also, based in Singapore and Bali, Indonesia, Philippe with 24 years of experience has shipped all over the world.

For many years, Philippe has been wholesaling furniture, exterior, and interior decoration, crafts, jewellery, and much more.
Globally in collaboration with designers, architects, business owners, and special projects.

Additional Information

We are a team of young, dynamic, and passionate about what we do in the field of furniture and interior design.
As well as to guarantee the quality, we only work with the best craftsmen and manufacturers of Indonesian furniture.

Moreover, as part of our environmental policy, we only work with suppliers concerned with protecting the forest and the environment in Indonesia.
But also with that in mind, encourage them to use recycled materials and recycling products whenever possible.

Above all, we actively support suppliers of environmentally friendly furniture.
Also, our furniture wholesale service only provides the best quality products.

Who are our clients?

Specially dedicated to commercial buyers, hotels, restaurants, businesses, or personal projects.

Besides, Bali Art Furniture provides the best furniture that will bring you amazing tropical living space.
This is the reason why we offer you the best selection of products available on our site, which we update regularly.

It should be noted that our products are unique pieces.
If any of our products are no longer available as in our photos, we will do our best to create your order with a similar design, shape, and size.

Following your order, we will assure you that everything will be according to your wishes.

Baliartfurniture we propose also to check our special Home Decoration on our new website: 

Bali Home Decoration wholesaler iIndonesia

baliartfurniture home decor wholesale global indonesia
Bali Home Decoration ceiling lamps


Baliartfurniture offer a new service to be your agent in Indonesia and organize all your order, control quality, negotiation and expedition for your Business.
Contact us!

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Bali Home Decoration wholesaler iIndonesia

Bali Home Decoration

Baliartfurniture are happy to present them new Website to offer you more products for your business.

You will find all what you need for your home decor indoor and outdoor.

Lamps, Mirrors, Wall deco, sculpture pots and vases.
Also some small furnitures  and accessories.

We invite you to visit our site, we update regularly more products you could love.

When you will place order for your furniture, we can of course join your purchase with your home decor in the same invoice and shipment.

Enjoy the life with Bali Art Furniture.

Indonesia wholesale furniture home decor manufacturer


Are You Looking For Inspiration?

Cannot find what you want?
We are happy to make your dream furniture come true!

High-Quality Furniture From Bali, Java, Lombok and other Indonesian Islands.

Indonesian Manufacturers - Indo Wholesale - Balinese Suppliers Export Wild World

Wholesale Furniture and Home Decor from all over Indonesia.

Baliartfurniture is Based in Singapore and Bali Indonesia

Cabinet pot baliartfurniture

Our commitment

Insisting they reduce the impact to a minimum on the landscape, oceans, and wildlife.
The next future generations can enjoy our Wonderful World.

A large variety of natural materials are used in the manufacturing of our products.

As we can, we are trying to work with producers who are certified and work in accordance with the standards of our environmental policy and the following.

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You are professional, trader, Architect, Designers or you have only to change your home furniture and Home decoration. 

You have projects and you need professional services?
Our team is at your service.
We can define with you what you need, we invite you to contact us.

First of all, please send us all the details of your project on the following link.
So, that we can study your project in advance, thank you for attaching photos or drawings.

Interior design baliartfurntiure

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Bali Art Furniture

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