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Recognized as Sonokeling wood by Indonesians, it is listed as endangered. Even so, it is still possible to export it worldwide in the form of finished products.

Rosewood has a fine texture with dense beautiful grain. That is why, not only furniture, but it is also used as a base material for musical instruments. As for furniture, rosewood is one of the toughest and termite-resistant material; plus, it is durable if dried properly.

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The Acacia tree, also known as mimosa, thorn-tree, and wattle, is a hardwood tree family native to Australia. Over millennia, Acacia spread to now be found throughout the Old World including Africa, Asia, and the Pacific Rim. European settlers brought the tree to the Americas, where a new species began to emerge. There are now 1,350 species of Acacia worldwide!

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Acacia Wood


Often recovered from ship wrecks or in mangroves or in forests, Erosiwood is used to give an aged and antique appearance to make decorations or furniture that will fit into modern places such as a living room or a kitchen or even in a garden.
It is also a great opportunity to contribute to the environment and participate in conserving the drills while cleaning them.

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You rather like wood painted with gold colors to give a luxurious aspect to your spaces.
Often used for mirror frames or table legs Napoelonian style or which illustrated the history of kings in their castles like that of Versaille under Louis XIV.
In general we use solid wood and resistant to the humidity of the paints.

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Lenga (Nothofagus pumilio), commonly called in French beech of Tierra del Fuego or white beech, is a tree of the Nothofagaceae family.
This leafy tree or shrub is native to the south of the Andes Cordillera, and inhabits the southern Andean, Chilean and Argentinian forests as far as Earth. de Feu and Navarino Island, from 35 ° to 56 ° south latitude. In Southern Patagonia, it can measure up to thirty meters for a trunk 1.5 m in diameter. Towards the north, it can grow up to a thousand meters in altitude but in shrub form.

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The Mahogany tree is a tropical plant from the mahogany family. Widely distributed in America, Asia and Africa, it has an attractive shade ranging from dark brown to red, with a very fine grain. Particularly aesthetic, it is also very resistant, which makes it a material of choice for the realization of rattan furniture structures. It is also often used for the manufacture of boats, a guarantee of its quality and strength. Due to its heavy use, it is a plant that is the subject of special attention and many reforestation programs. Also, he is not in danger of extinction, although other woods in his family are.

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Mango Wood

Grown in India, Southeast Asia, Mexico, Brazil and even Australia, there’s no shortage of mango plantations.
As an substitute timber source to conventional furniture materials like oak and maple, mango wood is perfect.
Conceptually mango is a hardwood with thick grains, so it has the strength to bear the weight necessary for chairs and heavy tables, but it’s still soft enough that it’s relatively easy to work with, requiring no special tools on behalf of the manufacturers.

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Mindi tree, known forensically as Melia azedarach, and more usually as white cedar or Chinaberry, originating in Asia and India.
Initially planted in North America as a tone tree, mindi is now harvested from farm-raised, locally grown trees and is mostly restricted to small-scale projects and hobbyist applications.
Mindi has a density similar to Red Oak.
On the Janka range, a scale that rates wood rigidity and mass mindi ranks at 1,055, while red oak ranks at 1,060.
The difference in hardness between the two is almost imperceptible.

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Painted Wood

For specific pieces of furniture we use recycled painted material from wooden boats in general.
The transformation of the boards while keeping the original color gives our pieces a unique and colorful effect.
We always try to get close to the environment by collecting these worn wooden planks.

Material painted wood armchair Baliartfurniture

Pine wood is a commonly used substance for fine and economic structure projects alike.
The properties of pine make it a famous choice because of its easy production and widespread availability. Pine lumber is utilized in the fabrication of furniture, cabinetry, window frames, paneling, floors and roofing.
Tricky Pine was a famous selection in home decors in the 1960s.That similar orange-red finished lumber is often used in modern cabinetry to create a retrospective style linked to that décor from before. The resin from Pine trees is common in turpentines, but the high resin contentment can also be an advantage that is also useful in certain construction situations.
Pine is more permanent than in addition timbers that are of equal cost, like Spruce, which is what makes it so valuable to the carpentry community.

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Pine Wood


The Sono wood is often palm or coconut wood with a very dark color which Indonesians use a lot for jewelry or curtain rods but also maybe used to make pretty parquet floors.
It is a fairly fragile timber over time.
For a Use of kitchen utensils, bowls, plates and table mats gives a real exotic look on your table

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Suar tree is as well known as Samanea Saman. It was actually come from from South Mexico to Peru and Brazil, but it has been popular in South.
Its cultivation has been practiced along the Southeast Asia and Hawaii.
Suar lumber has been one of the almost often materials used to build equipments such as table, console table, stands, mirror frame, bench and chest.
Suar has been utilized for decades by South East Asian countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc.  Suar Wood is generally known as one of the most durable and low-priced materials. That’s the reason why many manufacturers produce budget furnishings as well as high-end ones with this.

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Teak Wood

All of this makes teak a ideal stuff for outdoor furniture.
As it weathers over time, the grain goes from a honey brown colour to a slivery gray.
Although teak is high-priced, you can take the funds you would have spent on annual waterproofing and apply it to buying outdoor teak furniture.
Since teak is also an highly permanent and strong material, a teak patio set owner can expect his or her buying to last for many years.
Since the most furniture made from teak comes from mature trees, it can take around 80 years before a teak tree planted today is harvested for timber.

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With the roots of teak or other trees, the Indonesians make coffee tables or tables for dining with an absolutely sublime glass top.
By using tree roots to make furniture, we are also committed to respecting the environment and using the tree completely so as not to waste.
In a house these roots will give an exceptional exotic aspect

Material teak root benche from Indonesia Baliartfurniture



Thriving extensively in the tropical forests of Indonesia due to their fast-growing traits, giant Munggur trees (often known as rain trees) can grow up to 60 meters tall with beautiful, umbrella-shaped crowns that can grow to around 80 meters wide!
This sustainable hardwood has a straight grain and a lovely natural brown colour.
It is cut into slabs up to 5 inches thick that preserve the natural curves of the tree in order to wonderfully showcase the pattern of life rings that guarantee each table is an absolute initial, with no two tables ever being the same.

Material munggur dry wood board Baliartfurniture

Always in correspondence with our ethics for the preservation of the environment we use all the parts of the tree.
With the branches our artisans make sublime armchair creations, small tables and other decorations so that you can put exoticism in your spaces.
Depending on the size of the branches some can be braided.

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Wood & Resin

Our craftsmen will create tables, benches, consoles and many other furniture for you by mixing wood with resin which will give a modern aspect to your spaces.
The colors of the resin mixing with the wood is really sublime.

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