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Are you an architect and need a House Structure from Indonesia?

In addition to the range of our Gazebos, Traditional Doors, and Joglo (Typical Java House).
We will manufacture and export high-quality prefabricated wooden houses and bungalows for you.

In Indonesia, Architecture houses are simply amazing Structures.
The most used material is wood to make constructions with tropical shapes.
You have clients for original projects, then contact us with your plans and drawn details. Any wooden house or bungalow structure can be made from Indonesian Bengkirai, Merbau, or coconut wood.

The roofs can be made of shingles or thatch (Indonesian name: Alang-Alang).
The design choices are endless.
All the constructions of the wooden structures will be delivered to you with all the reassembly plans and the parts will all be pre-noted with a corresponding number.

Each part will be packaged separately and stored in places without humidity.
We suggest that you study according to your plans the wooden houses that can be built according to precise and detailed plans.

We will study with you the possibility of building demountable all structure houses to facilitate transport.
Contact us by email or directly by WhatsApp to discuss this project.

if you need to see more about our possibilities, ask us about our structure catalog.
Please do not hesitate to send us your photos or drawings.

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What is the famous architecture of Indonesia ?

The architecture of houses and bungalows in Indonesia is incredibly diverse and captivating.
This reflects the cultural diversity that Indonesia has had over the centuries and which has shaped its structure.
One of the reasons is the influence of Chinese, Arabic, European and Indian mixed with traditional ethnic designs, which brings a distinctive taste of Indonesian architecture.
Contact us to get more details about our house structures from Indonesia.

What are traditional houses in Indonesia?

-Indonesian vernacular houses, characteristics with houses, Batak Toba house.
-Globe Balinese home design, Asian vernacular homes, traditional Balinese homes
-Houses off the ground
-Houses on stilts
Indonesian architects and Designers
-Roof: Dramatic oversized roof, pitch saddle roofs, thatched dome roofs
-Bamboo walls
-Elements with modern architecture
-Ethnic groups houses
-Houses in a torajan Sulawesie
-International styles
-Intricate carvings

Change your lifestyle
Any project takes time to make the perfect space for exigent clients.
The Indonesian structure has a special house, the name is “Joglo“.
Also, you will find a bungalow, Gazebo, and incredible Indonesian doors style.

The Materials are mainly used.
We mainly use 3 types of wood known for their strength and durability:

Because we send our prefabricated wooden structures all over the world, Baliartfurniture only works with hardwoods and special machine drys to withstand the elements in any environment.

Beyond the visual appeal and uniqueness of these Teak, Merbau, or Bangkirai woods, Baliartfurniture is drawn to these hardwoods and their durability for prefabricated timber houses.

Note: We are here to give you as much information as possible about our products and services.

Most important
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Of course, our team will be at your service.

We will examine your request and get back to you as soon as possible.

Indonesia's Authentic Structure

Incredible structure for a different life style

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