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How to impress your guests with the design of your bathroom?

Sinks are of the utmost importance in a bathroom, but when you want to have a different design we offer exceptional sinks.
Currently, we only offer a few copper, ceramic, and wood sinks, but we have hundreds of different models.

In addition, all of our products can be made to any design, size, and materials you would like to develop.
Are you interested in a wholesale modern bathroom sink?
Choose a style of sinks that will best match the demands of your customers with an original aesthetic.

Whether you are looking for modern, contemporary, or more exotic sinks, we have exactly what you are looking for.
The materials used are mainly ceramic, copper but also recycled wood.

We are very inspired by the designs of the beautiful hotels in Bali and all our sinks have a power that will amaze your customers with their originality.

What else?
To give you more choice, we can send you our catalog of sinks.
Not only are we selling and working on a huge project, but we are also open to any discussion for any project.
Especially if you dream of a charming bathroom.

You just need to visit the links below:

Sinks for bathroom in white ceramic in the categorie baliartfurniture

Wholesale Bathroom Vessel Sinks Furniture

Often the sinks are on top of a bathroom cabinet that you can also find on our site.
Most of the time, they are usually circular, but there are square, oval, or unique shapes.
We offer models that you will not find elsewhere and we also customize existing models.
All our models are handmade by our Indonesian artisans using ancestral techniques with a very little modern machine.
Especially the copper models are made with a technique really typical of Indonesians.

Copper Sinks

Wood Sinks

Stone Sinks

sinks for bathroom in cooper, stone or wood tropical style: manufacturer and wholesaler from Indonesia Baliartfurniture

Wholesale Sinks Suplliers

What type of lavabo do you need for your business?
All of our products are built with high-quality materials by our artisans and small factories, designed for long service life.

Vessel Sinks
Wall-mount Sinks
Jungle Sinks

We’ll let you know about the wide variety of options available to you and we’ll be happy to take your call if you can’t find the information you need here.

For more information on bathroom furniture wholesale availability, pricing, shipping, and other information, please contact us and send us your inquiry.

Change your lifestyle

When you have a beautiful bathroom, you want everything to be perfect.
Bali Art Furniture’s sink selections perfectly reflect the aesthetic of each bathroom.

If you are an architect, designer, a personal project, or if you have a business selling bathroom products, we have what you are looking for.
From furniture to decoration and especially fabulous sinks with exotic accents and tropical Bali colors.

Baliartfurniture products are manufactured with the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.
Bathroom sinks not only work with the right sink, but they can also actually be the focal point of your bathroom design.

The first step in choosing a sink is figuring out how much space you want it to take up.
No matter the size of your bathroom, there are plenty of sink options that will fit perfectly, including drop-in, corner, and pedestal sinks for tight spaces.

Without reservation, we are here to give you information about our special products.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by email or WhatsApp.
Our entire team will be ready and happy to serve you.
Based on your information, we will study your request and get back to you as soon as possible.

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