Manufacture for resin product in bali

As one of the best Manufacture for Resin Furniture Products in Bali, we also work with the best resin craftsmen in Bali and Indonesia. Yew, Elm, Oak, or Black Walnut are the best types of wood for resin products. In addition, Teakwood is still our mainstay of material for resin products.

With Our craftsmen, We can produce resin products that are beautiful, strong, and durable. Our artisans are able to make gradient color combinations that can hypnotize you as soon as you see  Our resin products. The thing that we pay attention to in detail is when we seal the wood for the process of making resin products. The choice of resin material is also very important so that the final result does not break or have deep scratches.

RESIN 3 lamp epoxy manufacturer Bali

We also open up opportunities for you furniture business owners out there to sell our resin products, for this special offer we offer wholesale prices. Or when you currently have a full supporting container for your goods, product resin can be a smart choice. Be the first in the country as a seller of our resin products.

We provide custom-made Resin products orders and help with Worldwide shipping. You can contact our logistics team, to inquire about the shipping information and other supporting documentation matters.

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