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Which sofa is best for the living room?

Complement your style with the addition of living room sofas with Baliartfurniture.
From Bohemian to contemporary models, from traditional to luxurious, Baliarfurniture offers a wide choice of unique and original styles.

In addition, we offer you a number of equipment such as poufs and all other living room furniture that will match your choice of Sofa.

Can’t see the model you would like?

We have more than dozens of models with different materials and shapes.
You will find on our website all the living room furniture you will love.

With our designers and craftsmen, we very often design wooden frames in teak or metal and for mattresses, cushions, and drapery in leather, velvet, or woven cotton.

Baliartfurniture offers you a choice of hundreds of custom-made leather and fabric color options, from choices to coordinating accent cushions.
You have your own design, we can make it a sofa for you by sending us the designs, measurements, and desired materials.

Our team will study with you your needs, the quantities necessary for your business by model.
As a wholesaler, Baliartfurniture will be glad to cooperate with you for your projects for your business.

Our wishes are always to satisfy all our customers and to be able to subscribe to your success.

Wholesale living room sofas design

Save on your purchases with our sofas sale

You have projects as architects, designers, or whether you have a business such as a restaurant, hotel or, simply a house to refurnish.
Baliartfurniture is a supplier and wholesaler of furniture and home decoration in Indonesia.

For this, you will save on your wholesale purchases, Sofas or Living room furniture, with us and you will enjoy a professional service with the French touch and more than 25 years of experience.

What’s more?
We are not only selling and working on a huge project, but also we are wide open to discuss for any project.
Specifically, if you have dreamed of perfect living room furniture.

Simply you just have to visit the links below:

Baliartfurntiure is also Based in Singapore


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Sofas Design wholesale from Indonesia | supplier Baliartfurniture

What is living room furniture?

In general, all the living rooms are furnished and decorated with a lot of styles because it is a place where one can rest, watch TV or read a good book and sometimes near a fireplace.

This piece is often accommodated with a sofa, a coffee table, armchairs, rugs, lighting, a console, an art picture, figurines, a library, and others depending on your style of life.

Exotic or Bohemian style is rather light in color while a living room with a farmer’s tone or an old tone will be darker.
The woods and fabrics chosen will give you the moods you want.

Change your lifestyle

You like cozy places where you can be in peace and without noise, the living room is the place of a house which reflects this atmosphere.
When you has your customers who are hesitant about the choice of their sofa or their living room furniture, our entire team is there for you to study the new fashions for homes in different countries.

Baliartfurniture are a professional and you also want to change the style of furniture you sell but you do not yet know which style to go for.
Simply first, contact us and we will discuss together what your needs will be in terms of quantity, material, and styles of the house around your store to match the demand.

Whether for an indoor or outdoor living room, we have everything you could need from a chair to a bed, from a chandelier to a fountain.
In addition, visit our site and our PDF Presentation catalog which will already give you some ideas.

Important to know

We can customize the size and material for you and produce the furniture on the basis of the model you send us.
We are here to help you with information about our products.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by email or WhatsApp.
Our team will be ready and happy to assist you.
We will study your request and get back to you as soon as possible based on your information


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