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Personalised Service

Exclusive personalized service for wholesalers, retailers, interior designers, architects, landscape artists, hotels, restaurants, bars and clubs, commercial villas and fashion brands, or even individual projects.

Bali Art Furniture will work intimately with you as if we were a member of your team.

For wholesale and retail customers, Bali Art Furniture offers interesting additions to your current space and a continuous supply of new products.

Any living space’s look and ambience you want to accomplish, we have a broad range of design and material. Products with various styles are available for both of your interior and exterior projects.

Trade Service 

Bali Art Furniture accommodates trade service for custom furniture. We send worldwide for personal and business, to retail and wholesale.

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Standard Products

Bali Art Furniture offers a large range of standard products.

Create Designs

Each person has a different vision. That is why: each space is unique and personal; each atmosphere reflects a personality; and each piece of art characterizes the days.

Bali Art Furniture offers hundreds of models and prepares them according to your vision. Create designs on your own or ask us to create it for you for free.

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Custom Made

Other than trade service, custom made furniture is our other key signature. Original products can be developed into a new product or one of our existing products. Modification is doable. Our staff will start the production, only after you approve the project and design proposal.

Samples & Prototypes

All sample and prototype products that we should develop for you, will be crafted directly by our artisans. 

Each prototype and sample will have to be paid.

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We can make you a blueprint of the furniture that you want to integrate where they will be intended to be placed in your living space. We can create this in PDF format.

This will give you an idea of how it might look like and how it might change your living space’s impression and vibe.

Your Own Designs

The wildest creativity coming to your mind, we can make it real for you.
Or when you can’t find any product ideas that correspond to your vision? 
We will work closely with you and offer you a wide range of products to give you maximum inspiration for your living space.

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Processing Order
Control quality

Bali Art Furniture has its own staff to control the quality from the production process until delivering them to the port for shipment by container directly to you in your country.


As part or our trade service, our logistic team is ready to send your products’ shipment estimation details. From the delivery time, the quotation, to the transport documents required in your country.

We have our forwarders whom we recommend, because we know their viability and competence. However, you are free to choose your own as well.

Your products can be shipped by sea or by air. 

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