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Custom Living Room Furnitures

What better way to relax than your own living room?

At Baliartfurniture, we favor comfort and style often in Indonesian colors and our selection of living room furniture is no exception.
Whether you are looking for an upholstered sofa or armchair that you can stretch out on at the end of the day or whether it is a low table where you can rest your book and coffee in the morning, or any assortment of chairs that meet your needs.
Our selection of living room furniture has it all.

Your living room not only needs to look great, but also needs to be functional and comfortable.
From beautiful sofas, to elegant mirror, and modern cabinets, start to create your exclusive living room.

What else?
Ask us for the catalog furniture by email.
But if you have already your favorite model and you want us to make it for you
Please do not hesitate to send us your photos or drawings.
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Living room furniture and home decor | Style Baliartfurniture

How to choose living room furniture?

When you browse through many websites you are presented with hundreds of living room furniture options, it may seem very difficult to find the style that suits you.
In Baliartfurntiure’s catalog find everything you could possibly want and more.

The variety of woods, colors, sizes that we offer or the possibility of customizing your furniture for you to adapt to any room in your home, and also as many material options to obtain the perfect atmospheres you are looking for.

Baliartfurniture’s living room furniture collections with exotic tastes are unmatched by their power of tropical woods, without forgetting your comfort.

Selectional Living room Furnitures

Living Room Seats Collections



Accent Chairs

Low Stool

Modern Living Room Furnitures

Coffee Tables


Side table

Furniture for living room in Natural Fibber - Banana Leaf: Style Baliartfurniture

How to arrange Living room furniture?

Your Salon is like you.
The furniture in your home says more about you than you might imagine.
If you are a minimalist, your living room furnishings will look simple and unassuming.

If you like Scandinavian-style furniture, your living room will be complemented by furniture made of natural materials like wood and marble. Lucky for you, Baliartfurniture Furniture invites you to travel from home with the very high quality exotic furniture.

Change your lifestyle

Create a beautiful blend of modern and simple that truly express your style with living room furnitures.
Get the relaxation and calmness ambiance by deliver the Bali feeling at home.

Personalized your own designs for your space, contact us for more details.
We are able to custom for you the size, materials, and shapes or if you already have your own model, you’re welcome to discuss with us.

The most important
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by email or WhatsApp.
Our team will be ready and happy to assist you.

Based on your information, we will explore your request and get back to you as soon as possible.

Living room furniture and home decor | Style Baliartfurniture

Modular Living Room Furniture

Personalized Living Room

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