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Canopy Beds For Luxurious Master Bedroom

Stylish Canopy Bed From Indonesia

Do you like to find a nice Canopy bed?

When you have a nice bedroom, the bed can get a different shape and the canopy can be the best option to change the ambiance.

What is a Canopy bedroom set?

If you are looking for furniture to fill your spacious bedroom without making it look like a mess, then the Canopy Bedroom Set may be for you!

Often with 6 pieces in all, you can make your bed high class and comfortable for sleeping.
First of all, the canopy bedroom set comes with a canopy bed.
A canopy bed is a bed that comes with a set of sails placed above four long poles.
This long fabric was originally designed to provide warmth and security on a cold day, but it can now be used as a privacy tool.

If you have any indoor or outdoor space where you would like to put one bed, you will find a nice selection on our website.
Our Indonesian manufacturers offer a variety of bedroom furniture solutions designed to beautify and complement a wide variety of interior designs.

We are a wholesaler of Furniture and decoration in Indonesia and we have everything you want for your projects, your business, Stores, offices, or just for a personal project.

Send us your personal design and we will be happy to make it for you, this is possible.

What else?
You want to see more, ask us for our Bedroom catalog.
You have your personal design and you want us to make it for you, this is possible.
Do not hesitate to send us your photos or drawings.

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Furniture Indonesia wholesaler bedroom canopy with brown bed cover: Style Baliartfurniture

Canopy Bedroom Styles and Designs

If you are looking for the most popular Canopy bed style, it would be the Victorian style which is usually found in the most basic styles.
We suggest you create your room with more exotic models in Indonesian colors.
The fabric or veil is usually tied with a thick silk cord on its poles which can simply be opened by untangling the ropes.

Keep in mind that you should always be aware and take the exact measurements of your room so that your bed will fit perfectly.
Pick a good spot so that your whole canopy bedroom ensemble can fit perfectly and light up the mood of the room while remembering to experiment with different bed frames to see what works for you.

Canopy Bedroom canopy Sets Selection

Canopy Bedroom furniture Indonesia: Wholesale Baliartfurniture

Different Style of Canopy Beds

-King sizes beds
-Queen sizes beds
Full sizes Beds
Twin sizes Beds

Each model we present is made with special machine-dried wood for superior quality and can match any humidity level in your country.
We do not work with teak wood, mahogany wood but also natural fibers such as bamboo, rattan, banana leaf and seagrass.

Change your lifestyle

When you want to have a good dream every night, change to put on an awning and mosquito net and you will sleep great.
The Canopy beds will be like small socket nests to dream up paradise islands and have the effect of a tropical hotel for your room.

The imagination of furnishing a bedroom is endless, whether it is the bed, the chest of drawers, bedside tables, lamps and wardrobes, with us you can find all your desires.

Often our team of manufacturers use teak wood for furniture because of these beautiful wood grain, but we also use bamboo, metal and other woods.

Of course everyone is different and has their own style, here you will see many types of models.
We are here to give you as much information as possible about our products.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by mail or WhatsApp.
Our team will be there for you.

We will study your request and get back to you as soon as possible.

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