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How you can get this amazing statue or sculpture?

When you decide to start any project, you have to see the atmosphere you would like to give to your space.
Looking for Bali Indonesia Art Statues and Sculptures on Wood, Stone or Metal wholesale direct for your retail craft store?

Baliartfurniture are professional wholesaler in furniture and home decoration but also we source for you in Bali and Indonesia all possible products for wholesale.
We invite you to browse our vast catalog of Indonesian and mainly Balinese statues.

Bali Art ship worldwide these magnificent statues with designs created by our Balinese artisans and artists for the most part.
Wooden crafts are handcrafted objects, skill-fully carved from often recycled pieces of wood or on stone.
Also you will find modern sculptures in metal (Aluminum) whose originality of forms are incredible and exceptional.
Carving requires a great deal of patience and precision.

The carvers start with a block of material, wood or stone but they can use metal or recycled wood.
Creativity and talent will be the best words to describe our Indonesian artists.

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Sculptures, Statues, and Handicrafts

Bali is well known for the beautiful pieces of art created by artists with love, patience and enormous talent.
The Balinese are extremely artistic and take care to put the smallest details in their sculptures and their work.

To learn more about the services we offer wholesale buyers for sourcing and purchasing Outstanding Balinese Statues and Sculptures wholesale, please contact us directly. We also organize transport for you to the destination of your country.

Indonesian sculpture model Dewatas balinese statues: Style Baliartfurniture

Amazed by Bali Sculpture Masterpiece?

You wish to export statutes and sculptures for your shop where you are the same wholesalers for your business and you are looking for unique pieces in stone, wood or metal. You are in the right place!

Change your lifestyle

The traditional art of statue and sculpture in Indonesia is ancestral.
For example, in Bali, where more than half of its population is of Hindu religion, the manufactured statues are used for worship purposes.

In many other areas the statues are made and widely used as a monument that perpetuates important events or respected personalities, especially the hero of the country from the time of independence.

Introduce in your life the most best feeling with the beautiful statue or sculpture.
We can custom for you the size or if you have on model you would like to reproduce.

We are here to give you as much information as possible about our products.

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