Ethical Style Tableware to Dine

Where to find the tropical and exotic cutlery for dine?

Set your table with a curated eco-friendly tableware and dinnerware collection.
Not only the tableware but also you will find drink ware, dine ware and serve ware.
In addition, all our models are unique and we use only wood, copper, aluminum and ceramic material.
Also, the variety of dinnerware sets from Baliartfurnitures covers any aesthetic.

Is bamboo dinnerware eco-friendly?

All Bamboo in Indonesia is used for construction, for decoration, for furniture but also a lot for tableware which is more and more fashionable.
Not only is it biodegradable and renewable, but it is a versatile material that can be shaped into different shapes like bowls or plates.
Bamboo will be a great product option for plates, for the dish or cutlery because they are not breakable and it will be perfect for your children!

With our partner artisans, we develop new styles of products to always bring excellence to your tables.

Are there toxic chemicals in our dishes?

When you think of traditional dishes for the most part, no.
Traditional dishes are made from clays and fired at high temperature or from natural fibbers or treated aluminum, creating a high quality product.
As long as the materials do not contain toxic elements such as lead or cadmium or toxic paints.
They will be perfectly safe to use for your meals.

To see more, don’t hesitate to ask us about our tableware catalog by email.
But, if you have your design and you want us to make it you for you?

Please do not hesitate to send us your photos or drawings.

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What is sustainable tableware?

Sustainable dinnerware sets using environmentally friendly and exotic materials will be a solid ingredient to set the table in a sustainable way …

But what exactly makes tableware or tableware “sustainable”?
you need something new, here are some considerations:

Materials from sustainable sources: such as responsibly harvested bamboo and recycled glass.
Ethical production: this could look like transparent local manufacturing or artisanal and fair trade, depending on your priority.

Your personal priorities: you may have other elements that you are looking for in a brand, such as preserving traditional craftsmanship.
The eco-friendly tableware and tableware brands featured below meet at least one of these criteria for a minimum environmental impact.

Disposable tableware made our life easier?

In addition to destroying the environment, all disposable plastic cutlery and plates are genuinely unhealthy.
a lot of problem with all the non-recyclable packaging.
With our Indonesian partners, we try to avoid the use of plastic whenever possible.

When you take food from plastic containers or plates, you ingest toxins. This is the main reason why you should switch to biodegradable dishes made from sugar cane pulp or other natural products.

All of our products are handcrafted by our Indonesian artisans using bamboo, aluminum, terracotta porcelain and only sustainably harvested natural pigments.
Do it ethically.

Change your lifestyle

Visit our selection from bowls, plates, serving tray, charger plates, to coasters and many more.
In this case, your table will be different with our best selection and many choices.
Our artisans partners have made a lot of amazing tableware designs for us.
Simply, propose the large choice to create an amazing table for your clients.
We are here to give you as much information about our products.


There is more than one way eco-friendly tableware benefits the environment. They require less energy to be manufactured. In addition, they are made from easily compostable and biodegradable materials such as sugarcane pulp, corn and bamboo.

Microwave use:

Not only are these products unbreakable and sturdy, they can also be used in the microwave without problem for easy heating of food.
Plus, they won’t release any toxins or chemicals into food like single-use plastic containers or plates can.
The reason is that they are free from chemical treatments or any other dyes.
This is very important for use for children as well as for adults.

Most important
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by mail or WhatsApp.
Of course our entire team will be happy to assist you.

Based on your information, we will explore your request and get back to you as soon as possible.

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